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FAQ Italy

We are looking forward to having you as our guest.  Your experience traveling abroad will be enhanced if you are prepared. Please review this page, it will answer the majority of questions you may have regarding your trip.  If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.

Electronics & Communication

Do I need to bring power adapters? YES, please bring adapters for your cell phones, laptops and camera chargers.  I do have a few at the villa but I do not guarantee that your American 110 Volt product will work with them.  It is best to go to Radio Shack or an electronic store to get what you need specifically.

Does the villa have WIFI?  YES

Does the villa have a computer?  Yes, I will gladly allow guest to utilize my laptop to print boarding passes.  However,  please bring your own laptop if you like to spend lots of time on the computer in the evening. 

Can I bring my own music?  Yes, the villa has a portable cd player and IHome for IPODS

Does the villa have a landline phone?
  YES.  Calling for the USA dial 011-39-0763361764.  If calling from Italy do NOT dial 01139.  Just dial 0763361764.

What is the villa’s mailing address? Loc. Fibbiano 1, Castel Viscardo, (TR) 05014 Italia

Should I bring a calling card: 
NO, It is much easier to get one here that is very easy to use.  For 20 Euro you get 600 minutes.  I know how to use the ones here and can help you.

Airport Pick Up

What airport to we travel to?  Rome International Airport - Fiumicino

How will we find your driver when we arrive?
  If you are on tour, exit customs between baggage claim 9 & 10.  Turn RIGHT when you exit and you will my driver holding a sign with your group name on it. He will be standing between the two big columns.  If you turn left when you walk out, you will see a restaurant at the far end.  You are going the wrong way.

Can I reach your driver if I cannot find him? 
Yes.  His cell  phone number is 39-3294829970 and his name is Marius.  If you still cannot find him or he does not answer, call me at 39-3391636240 or at the villa at 39-0763361764.
Health & Beauty

What will the weather be like? 
Please check the weather forecast for ORVIETO, ITALY and then bring layers based on your findings.  It is always better to layer and take off if too hot or add if cold.  You will not need super dressy clothes. Bring comfortable shoes for walking and dressier than casual for dining in the evening.  HOUSE SLIPPERS are recommended for the villa.

Do you have hair dryers at the villa?
  YES, I have a hair dryer in every bathroom.

Can I bring my curling iron or electric curlers?  NO, anything that generates heat will burn up on the 220 V even with adapters.  I do have a few curling irons at the villa.

Medications: If you are prone to colds, head aches or other conditions that require medication, please bring extra with you.  There are pharmacies here but things are not called the same as in the states.  It is not possible to buy ADVIL, MOTRIN, ALEVE or regular cold medicines that you typically use to combat cold or flu. I do have a first aid kit at the villa but it is always better to bring medicines that you know and may need.

Artifical Sweetener: If you require special sweetener for your coffee, please bring some.  Most people here use sugar.  Artificial sweeteners are not sold in Italy.

Villa Amenities

Does the villa have air conditioning?  NOT in every room.  I have 2 AC's but I do have floor fans in the bedrooms.

Do you have a pool? YES.  Bring a swimsuit if you would like to swim.

Do you have an iron and ironing board?

Do you have a washer and dryer?  YES a washer, NO dryer but I do have a clothes line to hang your clothes outside.

Travel &  Medical Insurance

Should I buy Travel Insurance?  Absolutely, I highly recommend it.  I have a strict no cash refund no exceptions policy. I issue credit only for another tour.  Here is a company I recommend.

Should I buy Medical Insurance?  In the event of a medical emergency , (I have yet to have one in 9 years) you may require an emergency medical evacuation flight home.  Contact your medical provider to determine your coverage.  Some airlines also offer those types of programs.
Cash & Credit Cards

Should I bring Travelers Cheques?
  NO, no one will accept them in Italy.  If you are not sure how much money you will need and do not want to carry cash, bring an ATM card.  Advise your bank you will  be in Italy and ask the fees involved in using your ATM card.

Can I use credit cards to buy things?   Not all places take credit cards.  In the small towns and outdoor markets you will need to pay cash (EUROS ONLY).  It is very difficult to use AMERICAN EXPRESS in small towns.  Most places take VISA or MASTERCARD.  

IMPORTANT!!! Please call your credit card companies and let them know your traveling abroad and give them dates.  You do not want your credit cards to be declined for fraud because you did not notify them.

Does anyone take US DOLLARS?   Absolutely not!  Italy is on the EURO and they only take EURO.  It is very difficult to find a bank who will exchange US DOLLARS for EUROs.  You can use the Foreign Currency Exchange at the airport or in major cities to change out dollars for Euros but the rate is very high and they also charge a fee to do so.  You can order Euros in advance from your bank and there are ATM machine for getting cash everywhere.

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